About us

Our roots start here

 Where we started.

 Brady started Brady Diesel Services in 2015 we started small running Diagnostics on customers trucks, we started handling other jobs such as injectors, injection pumps, engine swaps, transmission swaps, and more.

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Technology paves the way 


Great Customer Service can always be achieve but what will take you there is the Technology we believe in Automation to help customers get what they needed for the best price.

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The Mechanics behind Brady

Allen Brady

Head Mechanic, Diagnostic Expert, Python Programmer, Allen started in the Medical Field and moved on to the Trucking Industry, knowing his strengths is in Engine + Transmission + Chassis Troubleshooting.

Taco Cat, CEO

Taco Cat is one of the greatest CEO's ever he just meows. He is the boss of Brady Diesel Services.

Olaf Cat, CFO

Olaf another great employee he just meows which he is always pushing financial results.

Cudds, President

Cudds, is a overgrown furball and just loves taking tools and other stuff that doesn't belong to him so we made him the president

 ^ This guy has cats running the business. 

 This is just for fun. we really don't have cats running the business but if we did it would probably be on top of the Cats Business World.